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Notice To Include When Copying and Sharing Our Printed Materials:

All of our items are protected by Copyright.

We share all of our materials for your personal or group study use. None of our materials may be used, altered, changed, reprinted and or otherwise distributed in any manner or means for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the publisher PCCNI.

You are free to copy any of our materials for your own personal use, and to use the materials to teach others in personal or group situations of any size.  You may also freely distribute them to whomever you wish without charge as long as you include our copyright notice along with the materials.


This includes handouts or outlines you may produce to assist you in the teaching of the contents within the materials, or reproduce any forms that are included in the materials, as long as the copyright notice is provided with the materials.

We sometimes grant permission to have our materials embodied within audio or video formats depending upon the situation. Please contact us directly for those situations.


All materials, logos, graphics, photos, audio, video, or artwork in any form on this website and any blogs or other pages belonging to The Philadelphian New Covenant Church International (PNCCI), are the sole property of The Philadelphian New Covenant Church International (PNCCI) and its affiliates unless otherwise noted.

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