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High Country Bible Institute

We teach the basics of the Bible and Christianity, as well as providing more in-depth instruction. We are here to help bring every believer from basic salvation in Jesus, to building our relationship with God, and to learning to recognize and use our gifts within the church. We then assist in helping to develop those gifts as an outreach in order to share Jesus in our homes, neighborhoods, and throughout the world.

We are here to help bring the Body of Christ into maturity in order to see lives changed both here on this earth and for eternity. High Country Bible Institute works with our other affiliate ministries under the PNCCI unbrella in order to accomplish this purpose. At this time, High Country Bible Institute is available as a free online learning experience.

The study documents listed below are available as PDF documents requiring a PDF Reader.

We would really enjoy hearing from you about your experiences with our materials and how you are doing in your relationship with the Lord.  Please contact us with any testimonies or questions you may have. 

Book One:
Dear Reader and Friend with Introduction (pdf)
Lesson 1: Three Questions (pdf)
Lesson 2: Three Problems (pdf)
Lesson 3: Three Temptations (pdf)
Lesson 4: Three Solutions (pdf)
Lesson 5: Three Failures (pdf)
Lesson 6: Three Tests (pdf)

Book Two:
Dear Reader and Friend with Introduction
Lesson 7: Three Protectors
Lesson 8: Three Helpers
Lesson 9: Three Resources
Lesson 10: Three Reasons
Lesson 11: Three Weapons
Lesson 12: Three Values


Book Three:
Dear Reader and Friend with Introduction
Lesson 13: Three Attitudes
Lesson 14: Three Choices
Lesson 15: Three Prayers
Lesson 16: Three Gifts
Lesson 17: Three Guides
Lesson 18: Three Encouragers

Book Four:
Dear Reader and Friend with Introduction
Lesson 19: Three Warnings
Lesson 20: Three Rewards
Lesson 21: Three Intents
Lesson 22: Three Promises
Lesson 23: Three Endings
Lesson 24: Three Priorities

Book Five:
Dear Reader and Friend with Introduction
Lesson 25: Three Goals
Lesson 26: Three Deceptions
Lesson 27: Three Needs
Lesson 28: Three Challenges
Lesson 29: Three Opportunities
Lesson 30: Three Beginnings

Mountains Are Made For Climbing (A Poem)
A Special Invitation

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